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Traditions. School

Budo karate and Budo sport

The conception of Budo-karate martial art and warriors Way, warriors yoga is completely traditional. Exactly same way Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin, understood his karate when he underlined principal distinction of Budo karate and Western sports

Weapons in Bushido School

At Oyamas dojo training with weapons was episodical, but the adherent of Budo karate himself insisted that a person who cannot resist to an armed assault without arms could not be considered as karate master. Obviously the effectiveness of self-defense is basically depends on practical knowledge of technical-tactical potentialities of opponents weapon

Nature training

From ancient times the effectiveness of warriors training was always tested in natural conditions at most close to reality. In traditional eastern martial arts the idea of imitating Nature and taking energies from it is expressed especially distinctly